weekly simple eco tip, 1.9

There's one very simple thing you can do that helps regulate the temperature inside your home during both winter and summer, and save money on your electric bill: Hang thermal curtains on your windows.

According to a study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin, insulated drapes reduced heat loss at a single pane window by 56 percent and 48 percent in dual pane windows.

Regular, unlined curtains do reduce heat loss, but not at such a rate of lined, thermal curtains – instead, only about 10 percent. During the summer, thermal curtains work to keep the heat from entering your home through the windows, and during the winter, they work to keep the cold from entering.

And thermal curtains are widely available and can be inexpensive. The above featured curtain is hanging in my bedroom and was purchased at Target for maybe $25. Since my bedroom window has no outside shade to help with temperature and light regulation, the thermal curtain was a must when moving in. The curtain works wonders for keeping out heat, cold and light. And it's luxurious looking!

To add to your energy savings, be sure to keep your curtains closed at critical times. In the summer, make sure they're closed during the hottest part of the day. In winter, make sure they're closed each night.

Inexpensive, simple and money-saving – what's not to love!?

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