Photo Friday | Happy Fourth of July

Raise your hand if you're ready for a long weekend! *raises hand*


Ways to Go Paperless in Your Everyday Life

First things first, I'm excited to debut Eco Cajun's new website look! I had a lot of fun giving this site a fun little facelift, and I love how it turned out. I'll refresh the featured blog posts in the top slider on the homepage every so often so it keeps things updated a bit more.

Second piece of housekeeping, if there's a topic you're interested in learning more about on the blog, leave a comment and let me know. I've been in somewhat of a rut, creativity-wise, so I'm open to ideas to add to my content schedule!

I definitely talk a lot about how to reduce waste through reusable mugs, cloth bags, and stainless steel straws. But there's another way I try to reduce paper in my everyday life - by going paperless with my phone!

I'm already on my phone pretty often, whether for personal use, blog-related things, and work-related social media. So it's pretty natural for me to find paperless options for different parts of my day-to-day routine.


Photo Friday | International Yoga Day

While the biggest news around Louisiana this week was Tropical Storm Cindy, this past Wednesday was also International Yoga Day. I love my own yoga practice for the intense workout that it gives me, but this year for International Yoga Day I focused more on the mental benefits of yoga and the peace it's brought to me over the past couple years. 


Eco-Friendly Swimwear

Last week I shared the staple contents of my waste-free beach bag, and mentioned my swimsuit partially made of recycled nylon. This week, let's talk more about that eco-friendly swimwear. (Although, if you live in South Louisiana, with this incoming tropical storm, swimwear may be the last thing on your mind...or we'll all be wearing it by Friday.)

So typically, one does not spend part of their September and October obsessing over finding a new swimsuit. But when you're about to get married, and your honeymoon is in Hawaii over the Christmas holidays, then you find yourself in that situation.

The swimsuits I had were a few years old (and had already been to Hawaii), so I was jonesing for something new, but I didn't want to pick up yet another cheap, ill-fitting suit from Target. I decided that Hawaii would be a good reason to do some research and find eco-friendly swimwear companies.


Photo Friday | Celebrating Recycling Successes

We can tend to be a little pessimistic in Acadiana about recycling services, especially with the change last year that we could no longer recycle glass. But we do have a lot to cheer about in terms of recycling progress!

Two dedicated Lafayette ladies/mothers took the initiative during the 2015/2016 school year to evaluate recycling programs and make the case for Lafayette Parish public schools to adopt recycling programs. I wrote about this campaign on the blog last summer, and contacted the school board members to express my support for teaching children about the importance of recycling. (As I always say, I learned at a young age and look where I am now.)


What's In My Eco-Friendly Beach Bag

Although I tend to call it my beach bag, let's face it, my bag doesn't see the beach very often. Somehow, "pool bag" doesn't have quite the same ring, so I just go with it.

This summer, I'm trying to get out and enjoy the water as much as I can, even if I can't get to a beach anytime soon. (Fingers crossed for a trip back to Hawaii later this year!) So, I'm pretty much left with the pool at my gym and at a friend's house.

I love my gym, although it's not exactly an eco-friendly haven, with the mountains of Styrofoam cups for water, the surely massive utility bill, and the giant chlorine pools, but it is a space where I can be an eco-friendly, waste-free individual, and hopefully an example to others.

Every time I go to the pool for a little sun or just to cool off in the water, I make sure to pack an eco-friendly beach bag. Pool bag. Bag of crap. Whatever we want to call it.


Photo Friday | The Importance of Doing Something

I love this quote from polar explorer Robert Swan, and I think it's an especially important sentiment to remember.

I focus my blog on things that people can do as individuals to make a positive impact on the environment. Although there are much bigger pictures to look at in the grand scheme of environmentalism, all positive change starts at a singular level.

What can you do to make a difference? That's what I try to answer through my blog posts, in combination with sharing what I personally do. And even if you're not sure yet what you can do, that's okay. Just know that doing something is the important part.

This is our only planet, and it can't wait for us to sit around expecting someone else to do something.


What I Want for My Birthday

Anyone ever been actually excited to turn 32? I mean, I'm definitely grateful to have another year to make good things happen for the environment, but 32 is quite the underwhelming number.

Eco-friendly push pop confetti found at Hattie Sparks

As a child, I remember always being so excited for my birthday, and working diligently on my list with enough time for my parents to go shopping. My Barbie collection was fierce, y'all. Growing older, I have less of a desire for material birthday gifts and appreciate quality time with my loved ones more. (Is this what #adulting is?)


Photo Friday | Be the Change

Today, and every day.

Time for me to hit refresh and renew my spirit on making our world a better place!


Welcome to Summertime

Here in Louisiana, school is out, the temperatures have permanently shifted to the warmer end, the summer showers are right on schedule, and hurricane season kicks off today. We're definitely in the summer season, even if it officially doesn't start for another three weeks.

Last year, I published a blog post on making your hurricane supply kit more sustainable, so in the spirit (and dread) of the season starting today, take some time to read up and start making plans for your kit.

In many ways, summer is my least favorite time of year. My hair does not agree with this heat and humidity, and it's almost physically unbearable (a feeling that climate change ensures is only going to get worse...) I mean, we still have to dress professionally for work, whether it's comfortable or not! The best parts are that June is my birthday month, and the days seem to move at a slightly more relaxed pace (although, as I get older, I feel like this is less true.)

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