2022 Thankfulness

In many ways, this year has felt like it's lasted for three. There's been so much change, and it's seemed like as soon as we settle into a routine, it would change to a new routine.

With Thanksgiving this week, I've been reflecting on what I'm most thankful for in this year. Aside from my family and friends, I realized that I'm thankful for finding my yoga practice again.

Before I had Ariana, I was going to yoga twice a week every week. I was in great shape and doing advanced poses. Even during my pregnancy for her, I was still going about once a week. And over the past four years, I had probably made it to 5 or 6 yoga classes. It was just one of the parts of me that got pushed to the side so I could focus on my new balance of motherhood, family time and my job.

And then, of course, there was a pandemic and I had another pregnancy and another baby, adding to my already crazy balance. 

Earlier this year, I was wrapping up an at-home postpartum workout plan, my youngest was 15 months old, and our new daycare was shifting its pickup time from 4:30 to 5:30. I felt like I was finally ready (and able) to recommit to a regular yoga practice and prioritize an hour a week for me. 

One of my favorite things about this time is that I don't feel guilty for being away from the house. I know my girls are fine, my husband is awesome, and my well-being is important for all of us.

I went back in June, on International Yoga Day (and the five year anniversary of our first miscarriage), and it was one of my best decisions this year. I've made it to class almost every week, and while I still have a long ways to go if I ever get back to headstands, handstands and crow pose, I can feel myself getting stronger. In addition to the physical aspects, it's also about the mental care for me.

So, while I'm thankful for finding my yoga practice again, the bigger picture is that I'm thankful for prioritizing my health and well-being again. It's a journey, but it's one where I'm traveling forward again.

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