no more water bottles [link friday, 1.11]

As of January 1, 2013, Concord, MA, became one of the first cities in the country to ban the use of plastic water bottles.

The effort began three years ago and was lead by Jean Hill, an 82-year old activist, who lobbied neighbors and officials on the consequences of plastic bottles filling landfills and polluting local waters. 'All these discarded bottles are damaging our planet, causing clumps of garbage in the oceans that hurt fish, and are creating more pollution on our streets,' said Hill.

It goes to show you, anyone can make a difference in bettering the environment!
According to Ban the Bottle:
"It takes 17 million barrels of oil per year to make all the plastic water bottles used in the U.S. alone. That's enough oil to fuel 1.3 million cars for a year. In 2007, Americans consumed over 50 billion single serve bottles of water. With a recycling rate of only 23%, over 38 billion bottles end up in landfills."
Makes you think more about going reusable?

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