Simply Having a Simple Christmastime

This is my second Christmas as a mom, and it really feels true that the magic comes back once you have a little one. It's certainly stressful once you're the adult, between doing the shopping, planning or attending the parties and figuring out the Tetris of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day events.

This year, we decided to simplify a bit. Part of it was intentional, and part of it just happened that way. And at this stage in the Christmas season, I'm honestly grateful for the minimalism.


Green Around Acadiana | Clothing Swap at Deuxième Vie Creative

I've written about Deuxieme Vie Creative before and shared their background as a nonprofit creative reuse space in downtown Lafayette. Over the past couple years, they've expanded on their events and classes, accepting donated goods and repurposing items along the way.

Coming up next week is a fun event for families all over Acadiana! In partnership with No Waste Lafayette, Deuxieme Vie Creative is hosting a clothing swap on Saturday, December 14.

There are specific details to participate, so be sure to read the steps below. If you have any questions, feel free to message the center on Facebook or Instagram - they are very responsive!

All proceeds raised from the clothing swap will go towards creative reuse, community sustainability and programs funded by both No Waste Lafayette and Deuxième Vie Creative.


$5 participation fee at the door


Saturday December 14, 11am - 3pm (start time change)
549 Jefferson Street, Lafayette, LA, 70501

Photo courtesy Deuxieme Vie Creative


  • Bring in your donations to Deuxieme Vie from Saturday, December 7 through Friday, December 13 at 5:30 p.m. They are open 10am-5:30pm every day.
  • Clothing must be donated BEFORE the swap day. Do not bring your clothing on the day of or evening of the swap.
  • Please only donate wearable items. Ripped or broken items will not be accepted. 
  • Accepted items include men's, women's and children's pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, shoes, belts, sweaters and coats.
  • When you bring your items in, you will be given tokens to use as currency during the swap. Bring your tokens on the day of the clothing swap and use them as your currency.
  • Please bring reusable bags to carry your goodies out!
  • Interested in shopping even though you don’t have clothes to swap? All unused tokens will be available with a donation during the swap.
  • All unclaimed clothes will be donated to local organizations in need.



My 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

As Christmas quickly approaches, I've been working on my list of gifts to get for our family members and friends.

In that process, I thought about putting together a gift guide similar to ones I've done in previous years, highlighting eco-friendly and sustainable gifts. But I figured that since there are so many other gift guides being put out by talented bloggers, I might focus on a different kind of guide.

I love this guide from Natalie over at Sustainably Chic - she compiled 50 sustainable and ethical gifts that are less than $50. Right up my alley!

As Ariana gets bigger and more into her toddler phase, I've found myself thinking more about my desire to create fun family memories. We're past the newborn survival mode and she's able to do more things. It inspired me to create a gift guide focused on the intangible - things that help you create fun family memories. It's eco-friendly in a way that it doesn't focus on material goods!

So this year, consider gifting your family and friends with experience gifts. To quote Cousin Eddie, it's the gift that keeps on giving the whole year!

If you desire to wrap more than just a card or slip of paper, I'm suggesting a small tangible gift to go along with each experience.

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