weekly simple eco tip 1.23

Water, water, water, water, WAAAAAATER! Water!

Water is something that's very easily wasted, but it's also very easy to conserve. Making small, simple changes helps make an impact on water conservation.
  • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth or scrub your dishes.
  • Run your dishwasher or washing machine only when you have a full load.
  • When waiting for tap water to heat up, use a pot or bowl to collect what comes out, and use it to water plants, or fill your pet's water bowl.
  • Take shorter showers. (One area where I am admittedly WEAK!)
  • At the very least, turn the shower off while you shave.
  • Or install a low-flow showerhead that lessens the amount of water coming out.
  • Follow local water conservation laws, especially in times of drought. (The Lafayette Utilities System conservation ordinance is in effect each year from May 1-September 30.)
  • Implement a rain barrel system and collect water to use for your lawn or landscaping.
  • Skip the lawn-watering system (ESPECIALLY when it's raining, for the love of Earth! It's one of my pet peeves to see automatic sprinklers doing their thing when it's either currently raining or has just rained. WAAAASTE.)
  • Fix your leaking sink, toilet or shower.
  • Defrost frozen foods in the microwave or refrigerator instead of running a stream of water over them. (Unless you collect that water for other purposes!)
Just by changing one or two parts of your life, you can save gallons upon gallons of water.

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