pets can be green too

I welcomed this adorable little rescue, originally Han Solo and now Milo, home this past weekend. Without getting too mushy, he's pretty awesome and cute and entertaining. And a lot of my preparation has involved finding eco-friendly supplies for him.

It looks like he's already excited about being my little feline treehugger. And at the rate he's exploring, he could literally hug a tree with his little claws. He's already figured out how to climb the curtains.

When shopping for supplies, I made sure to find things made with recycled or sustainable materials. It involved taking some time to just do research and check out the different options, instead of simply picking the cheapest things at the store.

The litter box is made of 95% pre-consumer recycled plastic and is from PetSmart. The litter scoop is odor and stain resistant and is made from plant materials and colored with soy-based ink. It's also biodegradable. It's from Amazon. And the litter scoop holder is a plastic container I salvaged from work that I haven't yet crafted into something pretty!

The litter itself is made of pine trees, which is better for the environment than regular clay litter. It's also chemical-free, and has a great natural woodsy smell. It's found at PetSmart.

The food bowl is made of bamboo, rice, water and starch. It's by Planet Petco and is a part of 1% For the Planet. The water bowl is made of bamboo fibers and is from Amazon.

His scratch board is made of recycled cardboard and is refillable for when he's scratched the life out of this one. It's from PetSmart. The door hanger scratcher is from Wal-Mart (I know, and I'm sorry), and is made of natural twine and recycled carpet fibers. It's also currently too high off the floor for the baby to reach. But I'm sure it won't be long before he can!

His collar is made of recycled pillowcase material and recycled plastic and is from anniessweatshop on Etsy. It hasn't come in yet, but he better like it when it does!

His blankets and bath towels are a hand-me-down gift from his grandmother. (Thanks Mom!) It helps to remember what your parents have in storage at home and take advantage of it when you need something!

It's good to know that even the main pet stores carry eco-friendly alternatives. And if there's something they don't care, it's easy to find online. Milo is starting off his life at his new home by caring for the environment, even if he doesn't know it.

And to wrap up, here's a special message from Mr. Eco Feline Cajun himself: 
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