Earth Hour 2020

With everything that's been canceled this spring, it's comforting to know that one event is still going on - Earth Hour!

Started by WWF and partners as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour is now one of the world's largest grassroots movements for the environment, engaging millions of people in more than 180 countries and territories. It has become a catalyst for positive environmental impact, driving major legislative changes by harnessing the power of the people.

Many physical community events were planned to honor Earth Hour and have been canceled, but every year, millions of people participate at home. It's the perfect event for this crazy time. On Saturday, March 28, at 8:30 p.m. in your own time zone, turn out the lights for the hour.

Since we're already all staying home, might as well turn off the lights! The Earth Hour website even has 20 ideas of what you can do during that hour.

Other ways you can participate in Earth Hour:

 How will you celebrate Earth Hour?

Keeping Somewhat Calm

In a culture that prides itself on how busy we always are, or how many things are on our calendar, it surely feels weird to be told to stop and stay put for the next few weeks and months. It's weird to see our calendars emptied all of a sudden, although it is for the greater good.

Every day is uncertain, and like everyone, my anxiety is running high as well. I'm glad that my daughter is young enough to not understand what is going on, although I know she can sense the heightened feelings of worry.

As an eco-friendly blogger, it's sad to see all of these Earth Month events being canceled or postponed, but it doesn't mean we can't love the our planet all the same. I'll be looking forward to celebrating Earth Month virtually this year! Not to mention, Earth Hour is scheduled for Saturday, March 28, and can still be celebrated while everyone is social distancing!

In times like this, single-use items are an absolute necessity. For the sake of cleanliness and sanitization, it makes sense to rely on these items. This is what single-use should be for, not for simple convenience. It's the same reason I think bottled water is perfectly acceptable in times of disasters, like following a hurricane or other natural disaster. It's there to help and be a safe way to get a necessity.

While it's absolutely vital to give yourself grace and allow yourself some flexibility during this time, there are some ways you can incorporate eco-friendly practices while maintaining cleanliness, social distancing and self-care.

Conserve your resources

In a world where toilet paper is being hoarded like diamonds or gold, it's important to remember conservation practices. Make your toilet paper and paper towel stash last as long as possible by not going overboard when you use them. And maybe keep the TP away from toddlers and pets who like to unravel the whole roll! If you do run out of TP and can't get more, just saying, an old raggedy T-shirt cut into squares will work in a pinch.

Don’t waste food

You worked hard and paid good money to get those groceries - don't let them go to waste! Make sure to eat any leftovers or perishables before opening any canned or frozen goods. Check your expiration dates as well.

Reuse where you can and save the single-use for when you need it

Especially while at home, and provided you have the ability to wash things, choose reusable - like using a kitchen towel rather than a paper towel when washing your hands. Set out one towel for each member of the family.

Save water

While you're washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, turn the faucet off. If everyone has the faucet on while washing, can you imagine the amount of water being wasted?

Get outside

Social distancing is so important right now, but it doesn't mean you have to stay holed up inside your home. Go outside, even just to your backyard. With the time change, we have been spending so much time in our yard, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be outside in the fresh air, where my daughter can run around and enjoy herself safely. You can also go to a local park (just keep to yourself), ride your bike, plant flowers or trees at home, or clean up trash in your neighborhood (gloves of course recommended, or use a trash picker if you have one.)

Find the positives

They're still out there! Like I mentioned earlier, I'm grateful for the time we've spent outside lately. This past weekend, I was watching my daughter run around and play with sticks, and I felt a sense of calm and appreciation for our house with a large yard.

I'm also grateful that my husband and I didn't get rid of our deep freezer, like we've been talking about doing for a few months. It's certainly being put to use.

I think all of us have experienced really rough moments and hard thoughts during the past few weeks. I was feeling a lot of worry yesterday morning, but after talking to a few people and seeing that my fear was not real in that moment, I was able to release it.

My thoughts are with everyone right now. Be kind to others. Even if you personally feel less concerned, respect those who are extremely worried and taking extra precautions. Now more than ever, we're all in this together.
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