Secondhand Baby Items

In addition to the eco-friendly baby and nursery supplies I wrote about a couple weeks ago, we've also collected a big assortment of secondhand supplies from friends. It's the best way to save money and reuse essential items that are still in good condition, and you know that makes me a happy camper.


My Due Date

Back in January, September 13 felt like an eternity away. Since then, it's been a day that represents hope. It's surreal that this day is actually here, even if we haven't met Baby yet.


Photo Friday | Cajun Pregnancy Milestones

I have two apps on my phone where I keep track of baby's development each week, but the fruit size comparisons are not typically the best. Sometimes I'm not even familiar with the fruit (and yes, I have Googled a few), and sometimes, the fruits are contradictory - as in, one app will say a tomato at 17 weeks and another will say a tomato at 19 weeks.

The general fruit list inspired me to brainstorm a much more entertaining list of pregnancy milestones - one that is all Cajun!


Eco-friendly Supplies for Baby

When it came to creating our baby registry, there were a few different factors that went into a lot of our decisions. We ended up registering with Buy Buy Baby and Target, even though they're big box stores, because of ease for our family and friends and because they do offer a selection of natural brands and organic products.

I always read how first-time moms go overboard getting every product talked about, recommended and advertised, but I tried to remain somewhat minimalistic and stick with the tried-and-true items. Through research of other moms' registries and asking my mom friends what their most used items were, I spent a couple months putting together our registry lists. Researching organic or eco-friendly options did take some extra effort, but it was worth it!

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