weekly simple eco tip, 1.16

Billboard vinyls are a very plentiful material and are useful for so many different purposes (such as creating bike baskets!)

But they can also be used as liners and tarps. One very familiar sight to many south Louisiana residents is that of blue tarps on roofs after hurricanes and other big storms. Billboard vinyls can serve the same purpose. I have a coworker who's used one as a tarp, and picked up one today for the same use. The vinyls are built to be durable and weather-resistant. And they are pretty easy to obtain for a low cost, if not for free! When I looked for material for my bike basket, I called my local outdoor company, Lamar, and asked if there were any discarded vinyls available that I could take. They set up me up with three vinyls and I was on my way. Outdoor companies will always have vinyl to discard, and by donating them to you, it's less for them to ship off to be thrown out.

You can use them for drop cloths or pond liners as well. The possibilities can be endless! What's the most creative use you can think of for a billboard vinyl?


Unknown said...

Idea: UL Fashion students could hold a Project Runway style project / challenge where they use an unconventional material. Challenge: Using discarded vinyl, you must design a piece of practical, low cost outerwear. The concept could turn into an economic source of garments for people in developing areas.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blake! That is an awesome idea - it's inspiring me to take on the challenge of arranging something between the UL art school and Lamar!

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