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So, I haven't succumbed to the Pokemon Go craze, but I love the positives that have come from everyone playing, from increased exercise to increased opportunity to simultaneously do good.

A couple dedicated Lafayette residents, Taylor Sleauxy and Arik Hartmann, organized a Pokemon Go litter pickup for last Sunday starting in Downtown Lafayette. Teams had a few hours to roam around Lafayette both collecting Pokemon and picking up any litter they encountered. Two teams tied for first place, collecting the same amount of litter. Overall, all participants collected 91 pounds of litter - in just a couple hours on a Sunday morning. What an impact!

Photo courtesy Skyra Rideaux/Project Front Yard from the Pokemon Go trash pickup event page.

The concept is more than just local, however. The Instagram account @trashplanet_norway shared their sentiments this week with a clear visual.

Image by @trashplanet_norway.

If you're out this weekend collecting Pokemon, follow the lead of these photos! Bring an extra bag with you and pick up litter while you're out and about.

Even if you're not playing the game, get out for an hour or so and pick up trash in your neighborhood! Even if you're not earning points and higher rankings, it's still important to catch it all.

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