A Tour of Tee Tiny Houses

As I teased in Friday's blog post, and on my Instagram over the weekend, my husband and I got to tour a tiny house built locally in Arnaudville, Louisiana.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a 20-mile drive out of Lafayette, after Friday evening's rainy weather cleared out and my first pot of gumbo for the season was put away in 309 containers.

We bundled up in comfy clothing, finished our first cups of coffee, and headed out along Louisiana's scenic by-ways.


Photo Friday | Tee Tiny Houses Open House

A few months ago, I shared some construction photos of a tiny house from Tee Tiny Houses. Check out that blog post here! The Arnaudville, Louisiana-based company has been hard at work building their model tiny house, and tomorrow, they're showing off the completed home!

It is a special treat for us to welcome you to visit our first complete, custom tiny home. On Saturday, October 28th, join us anytime between 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. to see our first tricked-out Tee Tiny House at our facility at 1056B Coteau Rodaire Hwy., Arnaudville, LA 70512.

In addition to a tour, we will also have information on hand for all five of our tiny house models that are available for construction and can answer any questions you may have about a custom build. Hope to see you there!

Visiting the tiny home, even while it was still under construction, was a really fun experience. My husband and I always talk about living in a tiny home, but we had never actually physically stood in one before! It was really interesting to actually get the feel of being in a tiny house, and I'm looking forward to seeing the completed home tomorrow. I'm curious if it will truly give us the envie to go tiny!

Want to check out this tiny house for yourself?

View the Facebook event.


Sustainable Tricks and Treats

Halloween, with its mountains of candy being given away, is definitely not a holiday that embraces eco-friendly principles.

Without avoiding the holiday and its parties and activities altogether, there are ways you can be mindful and a little more sustainable. 


Photo Friday | One Year

It is hard to believe that my one year wedding anniversary is this Sunday. One year ago tonight was our rehearsal dinner, and about the time everything finally seemed real. Kind of like when you're a kid and Christmas Eve finally arrives and you can't believe it's actually happening.

Truthfully, it doesn't feel like an entire year has passed, although so much life has happened in these past 365 days. Just like everyone, we've had the high moments and the low moments. Most days are full of bills and chores rather than epic adventures. But we're in it together and that makes every day worth it. Year one is still only the beginning!


My Meditation Journey

Sometimes, a more sustainable lifestyle forays into health and wellness. Taking care of yourself is important for many aspects of your life, and self-care effects often cross over into other arenas, like your job(s), volunteer efforts, and family.

I've written before about my love of/obsession with yoga (here and here), but over the past few months, I've dived into the world of guided meditation. And it's been pretty amazing so far.


Photo Friday | Update on the Junk Mail Situation

This past May, I wrote a blog post on how you can tackle your mountain of junk mail by opting out of being included on mailing lists.

It doesn't take too much time to complete the online forms, and although some services do cost, it's not expensive (and worth it, in my opinion.)

Not long before I wrote the post, I used the links to opt myself out of mailing lists. #PracticeWhatYouPreach And over the past few months, I've noticed that the amount of junk mail we receive has actually dwindled!


Recap: Project Front Yard 2017 Awards

October is always a busy month for community events, and one of my favorite October events is the Project Front Yard awards. The fourth annual award presentation was held last week at IBERIABANK in Downtown Lafayette. (Check out my recaps of 2014, 2015 and 2016's presentations!)

This year, four awards were given out for Cleanliness, Beautification, Education and Overall Effort. Cleanliness, beautification and education are the three pillars of Project Front Yard's mission, and are what drive every initiative under Project Front Yard.


Photo Friday | Festivals Acadiens' Commitment to Sustainability

Festivals Acadiens is just ONE week away! The festival is held in the middle of every October at Girard Park in Lafayette (this year, October 13-15), and focuses on Acadiana's French heritage and culture. The weather is usually amazing for some music, dancing, food and shopping!

Photo courtesy Festivals Acadiens et Creoles

Above all that, what I love about Festivals Acadiens is its commitment to sustainability. The grounds always have a ton of recycling bins (Last year I wrote about the 150 ways to be green at FAetC.)

This year, Festivals Acadiens has announced its plans and strategy to become the greenest festival in the state of Louisiana by 2018.


Switching to Eco-Friendly Haircare

Prior to my wedding last year (which: wow, our first anniversary is in 19 freaking days!), I focused on greening my beauty routine. I swapped out my makeup with vegan-friendly brands that don't contain harsh chemicals. I also invested in a great natural face mask, which I still use and love.

One area where I haven't been so focused is hair care. I've tried a few different brands over the years, but never stuck with one diligently.

I have color-treated, very thick and naturally wavy (and frizzy in the summer) hair, and I can be picky about which shampoos and conditioners work best for me.

Maple Holistics recently reached out to me, asking if I'd like to try a bottle of their Tea Tree Oil shampoo, and I excitedly agreed. After visiting the company's site and reading about their values and commitment to better ingredients, I was interested in trying a new shampoo.

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