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I visited one of the top women's amusement parks this weekend, the place known as Sephora. With a gift card from Christmas still burning a hole in my wallet, I headed in on a mission to find all natural or organic beauty items.

Makeup has been one area where I haven't yet completely transitioned to the green side. I wasn't going to throw all the makeup I currently have out, as that would be wasteful and none of it is terribly old. But I knew Sephora had great natural brands, and they did not disappoint.

One brand I am kind of falling in love with is Korres, a natural brand straight from Greece. Half the packaging is even written in Greek, further making me want to up and take a holiday in Santorini. They have a lot of cleansing and toning products, as well as actual makeup. The cleanser I got is silicone-free. And I got pomegranate makeup remover wipes, because I am nothing if not a sucker for ANYTHING pomegranate (Hi Burt's Bees pom chapstick! Love you!)

Another brand I found is Juice Beauty. All of their products are certified USDA Organic. Hello, isn't that awesome? I've heard it millions of times, but I'll repeat it here: your skin is very important and the products you use on it daily should make it as healthy as possible. Juice Beauty's stuff is wax-free, which really helps with complexion because it's light and airy and your skin can breathe.
So my first foray into quality natural/organic beauty products was a success. I'm already making plans for the next trip, which may well include a Lavanila fragrance.

Now it's time for me to try everything out and see how much better natural products are, without all kinds of synthetic products that just don't have my skin's and the earth's best interests at heart.

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