I am somewhat of a shopaholic. Since I've started my green journey, I've realized that I can still be a consumer but I just need to be more informed and logical about the things I buy.

I've been doing well looking for organic or eco-friendly items for when I move out. It takes a little longer to find things because the first or easiest options I find aren't the best for the planet. But, with a little searching and the help of my friend Mr. Google, I manage to find good products that are good for the earth.

Anyway, I'm a slave to my iPod, which in itself is fairly eco-friendly. And I've been downloading music more from iTunes instead of buying physical CDs, saving resources. But back to the iPod (call him Sebastien, thankyou)... the case I had for it was falling apart and needed to be replaced. I'd held off on buying a new one because I was looking for a greener option. I didn't want acrylic or silicone and that's about all the stores in town have. Finally today I found a great option.

This green leather case is really pretty and very soft. Imoeba, the company, makes cases for different size iPods and Best Buy carries a few of them. The one I bought was actually the last on the shelf. I debated that one or a different brand's eco option in black. I chose well on accident, as the Imoeba case was half the price of the other one. And proceeds from Imoeba products are contributed to Earth 911. So, $16 dollars for a pretty new case so I can stop dropping Sebastien on the floor at work. In the end it cost me $6, as I had a Best Buy gift card.

I think the best part is that my gift card was from when I brought an old computer monitor in for recycling. Best Buy has to charge $10 for certain items to be recycled, but they'll give you a gift card for the same amount. So I recycled a computer monitor and used the discount toward a recycled leather iPod case. I suppose it couldn't have worked out better. (Just means that Tinted Windows CD won't cost me $2 anymore, but that's for another blog.)

Now just imagine how treehuggery I felt at the gym today with my green iPod case in one hand and my Klean Kanteen in the other.

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