Today at Target I saw a display containing picture frames and coasters made out of albums and circuit boards. After looking at them closer, to see if they were actually recycled albums and circuit boards, I noticed they were from TerraCycle. I've come across TerraCycle's website before and found it interesting. They will take certain used items and pay you a small amount for each of them, which they then use to create new items. What I really enjoy is how Target now carries their recycled products.

And my new apartment will now feature six coasters made of albums, one of which is All Saints and one of which is Debelah Morgan's single "Dance With Me."


D.C. said...

That's wicked cool! I'm glad Target's doing that too! Yesterday we saw EcoFriendly cookware from Martha Stewart at Macy's

On a sidenote, I just had a major brainfart and was like, man I gotta keep this under 140 characters lol!

Anonymous said...

Oh nice! I might have to check that out cause I know I'll be needing a few pots and pans very soon.

Ha! You can be as long-winded as you want around here.

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