bad styrofoam

I have always heard about how styrofoam is absolutely terrible for the environment. On top of that, I simply hate the screeching sound it makes when you rub it against itself.

A few months ago, I decided to take a proactive stance against every restaurant in town putting leftovers in styrofoam to-go boxes. First, I asked if there were any other options; a few told me they had plastic boxes, which are at least recyclable.

But since not everyone had alternative options, I went a step further and bought a small but still big enough Rubbermaid container (still plastic but reusable) to bring to restaurants. It took a while to get in the habit of remembering it each week, but I was determined to hold my ground. I haven't had much fuss from waiters, mostly because I don't wait for them to offer to box my leftovers. I have had thoughts about drafting a letter to send to local restaurants asking them to at least consider more environmentally friendly options, such as biodegradable containers, even offering websites for them to look at. It hasn't happened yet, but that's not to say I still may do it.

This morning in the office, biscuits were ordered for employees who wanted one. And when they arrived, each biscuit was in a separate small styrofoam container - as opposed to previous times when they came in one larger box. It confused me as to the change in container, especially a change much more wasteful and harmful to the environment. That's just six more containers to sit in a landfill for the next few thousand years.

I guess this means, though, that I'm the treehugger armed with my Klean Kanteen and Rubbermaid takeout box. Don't mess with the reusable power!

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