beau soleil

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette's architecture department, among others, has been working on building a solar house. I'm not terribly educated on the entire process, but I know it's been in the works for awhile now. Over the weekend I saw a billboard for the website and remembered to check it out.

Their mission is to build a house that is environmentally sustainable, a uniquely regional work of architecture and a marketable prototype for housing. According to the website, it should be completed in September, and I am excited to see how it turns out.

I'm also happy to see the university embracing a project like this, especially for entry in the Solar Decathlon. I'll be sure to follow the progress of this house and hopefully be able to visit myself (and get more ideas for my own house, which is light years away.)


raindog said...

i think i heard about this. wait, did you tell me about this? either way, i think i heard about this somewhere and its quite interesting, especially that it comes out of UL. oh, and bravo on the theme. its workin yo.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't me that brought it up...surprisingly, haha.

And thanks! I think I've got it pretty finished for now.

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