how i spent my earth hour

It's amazing how peaceful a Saturday evening can be when you just turn off the lights for an hour. My hour consisted of makeup by candlelight, a little bit of Twittering, getting dressed and just sitting in my candlelit room enjoying the quiet. My bedroom was quite fragrant at the end of the hour. It put me in a better frame of mind, just in time for sitting in a smoky college bar listening to my boyfriend's band.

Even at the bar, the college-age bartenders were talking about Earth Hour and I just had to join in the conversation. They said they didn't know how to turn off lights in the bar for an hour and I helpfully suggested they turn off the Budweiser light over the beer pong table (I am too old for this.) I also suggested turning off the lights and just having a row of Flaming Dr. Peppers along the bar for light. It's appropriate, is it not?

Flickr has some great shots of Earth Hour around the world, so feel free to pretend to work as you peruse all the pictures.

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