weekly simple eco tip, 7.25

One of my air travel habits is to fly with only a carry-on bag, for different reasons. And this means that I have to shove all my liquids and related stuff into that quart-size bag. It can be tough for weeklong trips but I make it work.

In anticipation for two upcoming trips, I've started to see what 3oz. containers I have and don't have. And then I thought of something. Reuse sample or hotel toiletry bottles! Save money, reuse plastic, and still be TSA-compliant! Just clean the bottles out in advance and use them again. You can also use the sample products instead of buying travel-size ones. I always use the toothpaste from the dentist office and contact lens solution from the optometrist. Free samples are great!

And for your bag, either use a ziptop bag that's strong enough to last multiple trips, or invest in a reusable clear bag. In my research, I've found that people don't think reusable bags stretch as much as ziptop, so that is a consideration if you are stuffing it to the max.

But the bottom line is to reuse your bag and bottles as much as you can instead of buying new ones for each trip.

Happy flying! Wheels up!

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