ecoenclose, link friday 7.19

Quickie Link Friday for y'all! 

I stumbled across EcoEnclose this week, and they sell packaging and mailing supplies that are made of all recycled and/or biodegradable materials. You can order envelopes, boxes, filler material, mailing bags and even tape, and nothing is made of virgin materials.
If you run an Etsy shop or fill any kind of online orders, these would make a great statement to your customers! You can even choose to put your logo on your mailers.

If I had a reason to need mailers, I would be all over these in a heartbeat!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Get out to your local Farmer's Market, enjoy the beauty of nature around you, or go for a bike ride! Even if it's not great weather, go play in the rain! It's more fun than you think! If you'd like to follow me over on Instagram, I may just be posting a few pictures over the weekend. :)

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