magnet crafts, weekly simple eco tip, 7.17

Magnets are a popular advertising/promotional item, and as such, there are always random ones around the home or office. And they are great for reusing!

One of my recent craft projects was to make a pocket to keep on the front of my refrigerator, to hold important papers or other things I don't want to lose just yet. Our area phone books always have attorney magnets on the front as advertising, and they come in so handy for crafts.

This project took about 10 minutes, tops. First, gather your materials - some old magnets, a folder and some shipping tape. Then, tape the sides of the folder together to create your pocket. Last, glue or spray mount the magnets to the back of the pocket. Just be sure to spray the correct side of the magnet - I speak from experience. My brain? Not always so sharp. But anyway, that's it! A quick and easy way to get a magnetic pocket for your fridge.

These magnets are also pretty perfect for homemade dishwasher dirty/clean magnets. I've made both separate and all-in-one kinds and use them daily at home and at work.

But you don't have to be limited to these ideas - you can reuse promo magnets in all sorts of ways! They can be attached to the back of a photograph or a lightweight picture frame, or if you had heavier-duty ones, to the back of a dry erase board or notepad for grocery lists.

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