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I recently wrote on my personal blog about how in the past week I bought physical CDs for the first time in awhile. I normally download music these days, but just wanted something tangible lately.

After relentless harassment from a coworker that included points about downloading music being greener than buying CDs, I watched the G Word on Planet Green (woohoo, digital channels!) tonight. The subject? Downloading music being better for the environment than CDs, because CDs don't biodegrade. But the story that followed was about a company that actually turns old CDs into CD cases. Here's where I would link to the company, but I cannot find anything on Planet Green's website and I don't remember the name. I'm terrible. A search of the site did turn up Greendisk, which does take all sorts of technological waste and recycles it.

At least years from now my Silversun Pickups and Tinted Windows CDs can find new life. And I'll be back to downloading music and enjoying the bonus tracks.

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