see the light

I spent this weekend moving into my new apartment, being green whenever possible.

I was always planning to put CFL bulbs in my new bathroom, but was figuring I'd have to live with looking at five spiral bulbs every day. This weekend I found that GE makes CFL bulbs in the 'classic' light bulb shape. Still energy efficient, but more pleasing to look at. I made the investment and bought the bulbs. I don't regret it for a second, one because I'll be using less energy, and now that I'm the one paying the electric bill, I'm all about saving money. And two, the light is just better - softer and less yellow. I am all about flattering light in the bathroom.

After the bathroom lights were changed, I found some teardrop-shaped lightbulbs at Wal-Mart that are also covered CFLs. They fit perfectly into my overhead light/ceiling fan. I'm so happy that CFLs now come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They no longer have to be used only in standard light sockets. The teardrop lights also give off a softer glow to my bedroom.

Commence saving energy.

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