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When I find great green products while out shopping, I like to mention them here as a way of showing there are green options to just about anything.

Over the weekend I had to buy some baking sheets so I can actually bake cookies in my apartment. I was at Wal-Mart (sigh) looking at their selection. I took notice of the sheets by NordicWare and made the decision to buy them over the Wal-Mart brand, even though they were more expensive.

What really sold me on the baking sheets was not just the natural aluminum, but that the company practices sustainable methods. They focus not just on green products, but green production also. They have won green awards, use Energy Star appliances in their facility, recycle scrap metal, require distribution trucks to not idle at the dock and reuse whatever material they can. They've been doing so for years, which shows they have been committed and don't just flaunt green products because it's now popular.

And I'm happy that companies like these are able to sell their products in mainstream stores. It's becoming easier now to support both green products and green companies. I need to do some research and find other companies that have green practices. And since it doesn't look like I'll stop shopping anytime soon, at least I can be green while doing so.

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