earth day 2009

Tomorrow is Earth Day 2009. Planet Green has a great compilation of Earth Day information to help you make the most of it.

I am still sad about missing Vermilionville's Earth Day Festival Sunday, but I am determined to still pitch in tomorrow.

For Wednesday, April 22, 2009, I pledge to:
Use only my Klean Kanteen to drink out of.
Drink my organic milk.
Not eat meat.
Not use any plastic or styrofoam.
Turn on only the lights I need at that moment.
Wear my Go Green Boston t-shirt.
Check out the Disney Earth movie.
Take nature-y photographs and participate in Earth Mosaic 2009.

And of course, some of those have become standard practice, but I still want to focus on them tomorrow.

Oh, and I joined the Earth Day Network.

What do you all plan to do?

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