get out those old cell phones

I have recently learned that this week is National Cell Phone Recycling Week and the goal is to raise awareness of cell phone recycling. Right now only 1 in 10 are recycled, even though recycling them reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves natural resources.

You can either take your phone to a retailer (including Best Buy), or go a charitable route. One of the most popular options is Cell Phones for Soldiers, where your old phone becomes a prepaid calling card for a soldier overseas. Check out the Daily Green's list of other charitable donation options.

In this day and age, we've all got an old phone lying around somewhere. I still have a Motorola from 2003 sitting in a junk drawer. I already recycled my other Samsung by passing it along to my brother. Maybe he will be willing to recycle his old phone...


amy said...

u can also donate them to victims of domestic abuse. I know if you bring them to a Verizon wireless store thats what they do with them :)

Anonymous said...

Great suggestion Amy!

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