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If you have plenty of old, outdated electronics, but don't know how to dispose of them (without involving a dumpster, of course), Wired has a great summary of electronics recycling options and processes.

The first one they list is Best Buy's fairly new recycling program for all sorts of electronics. A few weeks ago, my boss bought a used computer online. Fine and dandy, but the massive, ancient monitor was busted. I mentioned the recycling program at Best Buy, but the monitor was in the dumpster before I could say much else.

That's where my recycling renegade moment came in. With the help of a coworker, we unlocked and almost fell in the dumpster to retrieve the monitor. We were successful and I brought the monitor to Best Buy. For certain items, they charge a $10 recycling fee, but offset it with a $10 gift card (which I later used to buy an eco-friendly iPod case.)

The whole process was very easy though, so kudos to Best Buy for embracing the responsibility. Hopefully more stores will soon follow and electronics recycling won't seem so elusive anymore.

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