Photo Friday | HAPPY EARTH DAY!

The rain has moved out of the Acadiana area, and it's both Festival weekend and Earth Day!

Although I'm not wearing anything the color green, I am representing different eco-friendly  alternatives by rocking a fair-trade cotton dress from Liz Alig, handmade necklace I purchased at Festival International last year, my great aunt's vintage pearl earrings, and a handmade in Haiti purse.

A reminder, if you are heading to Festival, check out my tips to reduce waste and be sustainable all weekend long. I'll be heading out there this weekend and following my own rules, of course! Gotta walk that walk.

At the beginning of April, I shared some tips on how you can celebrate Earth Month, like riding your bike, picking up litter, conserving water and choosing reusable containers. How have you done so far on greening your daily life?

Trash from the Vermilion River on display at the Bayou Vermilion District Earth Day festival.

Always nice when the recycling truck leaves behind a trail of litter. And then I pick it up after them.

Hug a tree today!

I hadn't colored in awhile, so I did this leaf design in honor of Earth Day, with all my shades of green (and green-blue).

Appreciate the little elements in nature.

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