Photo Friday | Green Everyday

The past week, south Louisiana has seen absolutely beautiful sunshiny days. Every day in April, I'm Instagramming photos with green in them with the hashtag #GreenEveryday. It's part Earth Month celebration, part personal experiment to find and share something natural or eco-friendly in my everyday life.

With this weather, it's been way too easy to find the green in every day. I've been soaking up the sunshine and spending as much time as I can outdoors, including going for walks outside instead of jogs on the treadmill. The real trick will come when it rains and everything is gray, ha.

Here are a few favorite images from this week, and for more, head over to Instagram!

Surprise amaryllis blooms in the front yard. We don't usually get ones this color!

Outdoor aerial yoga at sunset - it's magical! The Yoga Garden really sets a perfect scene.

I just can't get enough! The sunshine, the yellow-green of new leaves, the low humidity...

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