Music for Earth Day

Tomorrow is Treehugger Christmas, also known as Earth Day. It's a great time to practice your reduce, reuse, recycle skills, and just a fun day to appreciate our planet and our natural resources.

And why not celebrate to music? I've put together another little Spotify mix featuring some of my favorite artists and some well-known environmentally friendly musicians. Check it out below or follow me on Spotify (ecocajun, of course!)

Last week, as I was celebrating the 19th anniversary of my favorite band's first single (ahem), I got to thinking about how music has changed since 1997 (and long before that too). I used to buy CD singles for my favorite bands, and now I listen to the same song in my car via Bluetooth, streaming from my phone.

From vinyl to 8-tracks to cassettes to CDs to digital formats, the footprint has gradually shrunken. I will always love physical copies of my favorite music, but digital music has taken over in terms of saving space in your home or your car, and has cut down on physical materials needed in production. The trade off is in the increase of power consumption, from keeping your devices charged to the servers that store files (and backups of backups).

Jack Johnson is one of the most well-known eco-friendly musicians, and the album below was recorded in his solar powered studio in Hawaii. He's also a member of 1% For the Planet, an organization dedicated to giving back to the environment through business sales.

The Meiko CD was "pre-loved", so I gave it a second life!

Want to learn more about which musicians are committed to protecting the environment and work to lessen their tour's carbon footprints?


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