Photo Friday | EARTH MONTH!

Because I hate being fooled, I am going to try to ignore that today is April Fool's Day, and instead, focus on the fact that it's the first day of Earth Month!

A treehugger's favorite month of the year, obviously. And it's also a Cajun's favorite time of the year, because it means we're only a few weeks away from Festival International, and the weather hasn't turned to oppressive summer heat just yet.

Since it's Photo Friday, I won't ramble too much, and I'll let the pictures demonstrate just how you can celebrate Earth Month this year!

Ride your bicycle.

Get outside and enjoy nature.

Shop with cloth bags.

Get and use a reusable water bottle.

Pick up litter.


Conserve water.

Attend a local Earth Day festival. (Look for a blog post this month on statewide Earth Day celebrations.)


And not just this month, but always:

I've got some fun posts planned leading up to Earth Day on April 22, so I hope you stick around.

Happy #EarthMonth!

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