A New Recycling Contract and New Blue Bins

The times, they are a-changin', especially if you're a resident of the city of Lafayette or unincorporated parts of the parish (say THAT three times fast!)

Earlier this year, Lafayette's city council voted to approve a new recycling contract from the current trash provider, and the biggest change in service for residents is the discontinuation of glass recycling. However, while it may seem like a big change, it really wasn't, as the previous recycling provider was sending glass to the landfill anyway. A few weeks ago, I wrote about my concerns and frustrations, and shared some informative feedback from our city's environmental quality manager.

So now, it's go time, whether we are ready or not. The new contract takes effect this Sunday, May 1, and the first day of the new pickup is Monday, May 2. If you're part of the contract's coverage area, you've got a few changes to remember.

While some of these changes suck, and seem like backward progress, it's important to follow the rules so we can all have an efficient recycling system and we don't jeopardize the service we do have. In the meantime, we can look for other options and make our voices heard where it matters in order to push for forward progress.


Okay, so it's not a new car on Price is Right. Womp womp. However, most city and unincorporated parish residents should have gotten their new bins by now. It's conveniently the same color as the regular trash can, with the exception of a baby blue lid. (Hey Republic, call me and I can consult on why you should make recycling bins a different color from the trash bins!)

It comes with a sticker on the lid that serves as another reminder of the following rules.

Do you notice the irony of how we used to have a dedicated glass recycling bin, and now we have a single-stream bin that doesn't accept glass? (Look at my basil growing!)


Sigh, grumble. Even if you don't agree, you still have to abide by dem rules. (At the end of my ranty blog post, I shared a few tips on how to reuse the glass containers you accrue. Just remember to reduce and reuse before you have to recycle.)


Before, all plastics except for styrofoam were accepted. Numbers 1 and 2 are the most commonly used plastics, at least. Hit up my blog post on the meaning behind the plastic numbering codes for a refresher course.

Ya think it's made of recycled plastic!? It should be, at least!


Before, most residents had two separate collection days, one for trash and one for recycling, because it was two different service providers. Under the new contract, all pickup is done by Republic Services. Whatever day your trash pickup currently is will be your new trash and recycling day.


The recycling dump on IG Lane off of Cameron Street is no longer operational. Republic's recycling facility is located at 201 Mire Road in Scott, and is conveniently open Monday-Friday 8-5 and Saturday 8-10 for you to drop off your items. For city of Lafayette apartment dwellers or renters who may not have a recycling bin, this is your option.

The official LCG rules on the new recycling program for city of Lafayette and unincorporated parish residents.

This is not a change from our previous service, but a reminder that plastic bags do NOT go in the recycling bin. Reuse those plastic shopping bags, use cloth bags instead, or bring plastic bags to a store with a plastic bag collection bin instead.

And since you shouldn't throw bagged recyclables into your bin, and all materials will be loose, I've got my fingers crossed the workers don't totally litter the street on collection day, like what the recycling guys do now. What. a. mess.
Download, print or share a PDF flyer courtesy of Lafayette Consolidated Government.

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