link friday, 10.4

For anyone in the New Orleans and Gulf Coast areas, better get your rain boots and beer out for the weekend! (In all seriousness, make sure you are prepared in case anything turns for the worse. And make sure you have beer.)

So, this week I learned that October is Energy Action Month, put on by the U.S. Department of Energy. The Federal Energy Management Program has put together a few energy checklists, including this great home energy checklist. Review it and see what changes you can make this month! And see what kinds of changes my boyfriend and I are making in his new home!

A bunch of Internet-savvy CVS customers made a stink about their ridiculously long receipts on Twitter, and as a result, CVS is planning to shorten their receipts by 25%, and cut down on the amount of wasted paper. 25% is a start at least, though really not enough. One option will be to send any coupons to your CVS card, instead of getting a paper version.

People for Bikes posted a wonderful blog entry this week on the number of bicycling tragedies that occur and ideas on how to reduce dangers for both riders and drivers, in order to save more lives. I will always feel personally connected to bicycling tragedy stories, from Mickey Shunick's murder to Monique Koll's accident (love hearing about her recovery!) to Amelie Le Moullac's accident and death in San Francisco the week I was visiting. Many things need to happen in order for bicyclists to truly feel safe, and it's time for those things to happen.

October 1 was World Vegetarian Day. Did you celebrate with a great meatless dish? 

On January 1, 2012, San Jose banned plastic bags, and by December 3 of the same year, they estimated  the volume of plastic bags in area creeks was cut in half, from 8% of the total trash volume to 4%. 

This New York Times article about Cajun Country is not necessarily green-focused, but it's just a great piece about my lifelong home. Read it while eating a poboy and drinking a daiquiri. Hell, do anything you do while eating a poboy and drinking a daiquiri.

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