link friday, 10.25

Happy Friday! Is it just me or did today take way too long to arrive?

First off, tomorrow is Food Day of Acadiana. The event will be held as part of the Farmer's Market at the Horse Farm from 8am to noon. Food Day will celebrate local veggies, fruits, whole grains and proteins. There will be cooking demonstrations, children's activities and live music (as does everything in Lafayette!)

Sidewalks aren't typically known as gorgeous, but this British company is working to change that. They are creating a product that can be applied to sidewalks that will help them absorb light during the day and then give off a glow in the evenings. The sidewalks then literally light the path for you, reducing the need for so many street lamps.

Project AWARE created an infographic detailing how trash finds its way into our oceans and lakes, and how it affect the marine life in those areas. Don't feed fish your litter!

United Nations is calling for innovative thinking to measure and cut global food loss and waste, which will contribute to the fight against hunger.

New York City Mayor Bloomberg announced this week that all 250,000 of the city's streetlights will be replaced with LEDs, projecting it will save the city $14 million a year. The project should be complete by 2017.

Now, get out there, enjoy the weekend weather and Halloween festivities!

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