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Last year, I wrote about how to have a greener Halloween, from coming up with an eco-friendly costume to being as wasteless as possible with trick-or-treat candy.

And this week I wrote about my boyfriend's and my eco-friendly pumpkin carving, from using kitchen knives instead of a pumpkin carving kit, to covering our workspace with used cardboard and roasting the pumpkin seeds instead of throwing them out.

When decorating, use items that can be modified for more than one holiday. Instead of getting a bunch of decorative pumpkins that say Halloween on them, look for ones that say Happy Harvest, or say nothing at all and can be used through Thanksgiving as well. 

If you are still thinking of costume ideas, look around your house for items you have. Last year I wrote about some of the costumes I came up with this way, and some of them have been great, and some not so great. 

This year, I think P and I will hand out trick or treat candy at his house and I will reuse the pair of furry Minnie Mouse ears that I bought in Disney World about 12 years ago. Only because I don't think a bunch of children would recognize a Tina Fey costume that I scrounged together.

If you are taking your children out to trick or treat, don't send them out with a plastic bag or a brand new plastic jack-o-lantern! Use something from years past, or a cloth bag, or as a throwback to the old days, a pillowcase! If you do buy a plastic jack-o-lantern, save it for future years or other children.

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Just remember when preparing for and celebrating Halloween: reduce, reuse and recycle

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