green outdoor adventures

Now that autumn is on its way in, we can finally enjoy being outside again. 

So why not get out to enjoy the season and go green? Whether you're staying near home or traveling, you can support eco tourism (and hey, look at that! I conveniently wrote about it this week last year!)

On Lafayette's official tourism website, one of the itinerary ideas is green-focused (for the most part). I'm going to have to call BS on golfing as a green adventure, given how unnatural golf courses actually are. But, the list is a good place to start when thinking up outdoor green adventures.

You can get out and go for a bike ride through town or through nature. You can visit a park near you. You can check out eco tourism spots near you and make a day trip. You can get out on the water and fish, swim or kayak. You can choose a spot near you and pick up trash to clean up that area (Lord knows so many places need it). You can pack some lunch and ride to a nice spot and have a picnic with someone special. 

Or you can simply spend some time in your own backyard and feel like a kid again. And of course, practice your cartwheels, baseball, napping or stargazing. I mean, I was a fantastic backyard gymnast back when I was younger.

And for whatever adventure you choose, make sure you go as green as possible! Minimize your use of disposable items, choose fuel efficient travel, and don't litter!

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