weekly simple eco tip, 2.27

One place where you might not realize you can go greener is in the bathroom or kitchen - where you use toilet paper and paper towels.

An easy way to use recycled products is to consider using recycled toilet paper or paper towels.

Now once you're done imagining recycled "used" toilet paper and telling me "Oh uh uh!", come back and hear me out.

Recycled toilet paper and paper towels use pre- and post-consumer recycled paper and use different bleaching methods.

For a product that, by nature, is completely single-use, why not choose something made of recycled paper? And if you're not yet willing to switch to recycled paper products completely, phase it in to your routine – buy a pack of recycled toilet paper every other time you need to stock up.

It's becoming easier to find recycled alternatives in regular grocery and general stores as well, instead of needing to hunt it down in your local hippie natural products store. I know I've started to find more recycled brands at my neighborhood grocery store recently.

Also, consider conserving your resources. Don't run wild using paper products and make them last longer, especially when it comes to paper towels. Use them for icky, germy messes, but opt for cloth towels for other uses.

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