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While we're still in the midst of Mardi Gras revelry, it's easy to forget that Valentine's Day is also this week. And while you're planning a night for your significant other, remember that the earth is also your valentine!

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There are many different ways you can keep your celebrations eco-friendly. There are also many online resources to help you out, but you can always look at places near you.

  • Gifts: When looking for a gift, look for something made of sustainable materials, recyclable materials or recycled materials. Also look for something locally made or sold.
  • Food: If you're going out to eat, choose a local restaurant or a farm-to-table style restaurant. If you plan to stay in and cook, use local meat, seafood or produce in your dish!
  • Drinks: Look for organic or locally made wine or beer to accompany your dinner.
  • Flowers: Look for organic flowers or locally harvested flowers. Or even better, pick your own flowers (just not from your neighbor's garden!) You can also look into buying flower bulbs that can be planted for months of beauty, instead of cut flowers that will die in a week or so. But if your special person isn't hung up on flowers, think about skipping them.
  • Chocolate: Look for fair-trade or organic chocolate. I swear, they taste better than generic chocolate!
  • Cards: Go paperless! Many card companies online have beautiful or hilarious paperless options.
So whatever you plan for this week, just remember that you don't have to harm the planet while being romantic and thoughtful!

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