green ninja [link friday, 2.22]

What's one awesome thing? Being green.
What's another awesome thing? Ninjas.

Well, would you look at that! The Green Ninja!

The Green Ninja is a superhero that inspires children to take action on climate change. The adventures of the Green Ninja are told in a youth- oriented way while still based on science. Educational materials promote hands-on learning experiences that help teachers bring climate science topics into classrooms.

The Green Ninja Project is a collaborative San Jose State University effort joining students and faculty from the Departments of Meteorology and Climate Science, Geology, Animation and Illustration, Radio, TV and Film, Primary Education, Computer Engineering and Computer Science. A successful Kickstarter campaign is supporting The Green Ninja Show.  

A big thanks to Donny for sending this my way this week! If you find any interesting environment-related links, feel free to share them with me and I may very well feature them on Link Fridays.

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