weekly simple eco tip, 2.20

I'm pretty sure I have all of three male readers, so, sorry guys, this week's simple tip isn't really for you. Unless you have luxurious, long hair of course!

There's an easy way to make your beauty routine a bit more natural and a bit less plugged in - let your hair dry naturally! Skip the blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons and let your hair go free. Try different styles that play up your hair's best qualities, like a loose, wavy braid, or half-up.

I can practically hear you complaining about how impossible that is from here...but you can do it. Practice a few times and figure out the best way to handle it after washing it. Or just try going natural once a week.

You may start to overcome the need to always use appliances and electricity when fixing your hair each day, saving time and utilities!

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