weekly simple eco tip, 9.26

There are countless ways to make your office area greener, and today's weekly simple eco tip is inspired by my friend Michelle's cubicle.

She recently cleaned and reorganized her cubicle, and decided to make useful space out of something that wasn't useful before, in addition to striving to cut down on paper. She purchased dry erase adhesive paper and stuck it to the front of her cabinet. Now, she has a large space to make notes and list reminders, and erase them when she is done.

This is such a simple and effective way to give yourself space for notes, and eliminate the needs for sticky notes.

You can buy the paper in rolls and cut it to fit any space, or you can buy a pack of 8.5x11 sheets to stick in smaller spaces.

And don't forget eco-friendly dry erase markers! These AusPens are recycled, sustainable and refillable, cutting down on a lot of possibly toxic waste.

What to do about an eraser? Just grab an old t-shirt and cut it into pieces to make rags!

And there you have the first of many ways to green your office space.

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