link friday, 9.21

I always enjoy when my favorite things overlap. So, today's collection of links are focused on eco-friendly musical artists and movements! See what I did there?

Image: Jack Johnson album recorded and produced using solar power.

  • Reverb. Reverb is a nonprofit, started by Adam Gardner of Guster and his wife, that's focused on making concerts and music festivals greener. They achieve their goals through an eco-village, hosting nonprofit groups in the eco-village, setting up a carbon offset program, recruiting volunteer, setting up an eco-concert program and Jumbotron slideshow, hosting a greening website, and providing an online carpooling resource.
  • Reverb supporting artists. Check out the different bands who have participated in Reverb's efforts. Since 2004, Reverb has worked with over 40 artists on more than 90 tours.
  • Jack Johnson Greening Efforts. Jack Johnson is arguably the most notable eco-friendly musician. A section of his website is dedicated to ways he makes his albums, tours and concerts greener.
  • All At Once. All At Once is a social action network started by Jack Johnson to help individuals make a positive change in their community.
  • Green Music Group. Reverb started this coalition to bring about widespread environmental change within the music industry and around the globe. The Group is a larger scale movement and is comprised of the collective power of high-profile environmental musicians, industry leaders and music fans.
  • Cake. Cake produced their sixth studio album using solar power. They also dedicated a section of their website to the process, and have a video showing the renovation to their studio.
  • Paste's 13 Green Bands. For Earth Day 2012, Paste Magazine shared a list of their top 13 green bands. Some bands included are Guster, Pearl Jam, Willie Nelson (I'm trying to keep the jokes there to a minimum), Radiohead and Green Day.
Hope y'all have a wonderful and green weekend!

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