repurposed billboards! [link friday, 9.28]

I've been on a major billboard recycling kick lately, thanks to my own crafting ambitions, but that's for a future post... (as in, next week, so come on back!)

Selling bags made out of billboards is becoming more and more popular these days. You can find them in different shapes and sizes, but the colors will always be somewhat of a surprise, since, you know, they're made from whatever billboards the company can obtain.

  • GorillaSacks has just about any kind of bag, made out of vinyl. You can find an iPad sleeve, grocery produce bags, market bags, messenger bags, lunch bags and even curtains (oh, how I am tempted to have a recycled billboard shower curtain...)
  • Vy and Elle has messenger bags, wallets and clutches.
  • Artecnica makes a stretch billboard bag, which basically has a large open-weave design, making it great for a beach bag or for holding stanky gym clothes.
  • Billboard Ecology sells bags and lunch totes in partnership with schools for fundraisers.
  • Earth Divas has a very pop-art style bag.
  • Alchemy Goods has the above-pictured Ad Bag, which makes a great tote for notebooks or laptops. They specialize in items made from bicycle inner tubes and seatbelts. I actually have an ID holder made of bike tubes from them that I love.
Billboards are such a great working material, and we all know there is more than enough vinyl to go around that can be repurposed!

Have a happy and green weekend, and I'll see y'all back here next week! Where I'm going to talk all day long about my billboard crafting experiences!

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