master gardener plantfest

This past Saturday, the first Master Gardener PlantFest was held at the Horse Farm in Lafayette.

It was a beautiful afternoon so we hopped on our bikes and rode over to check out the activities. I made sure to bring a reusable water bottle, since it was still a balmy 88 degrees and sunny.

It was wonderful to see such a large crowd of people in attendance, roaming between the vendors, farmers market, presentation tent, plant tents and the food tent.

Next to each trashcan was a clearly marked recycling bin.

All the plants were beautiful, and if I had room to bring more home – or a yard – I would have. There was a plant swap, but you could also simply buy plants. While I was walking around, I began talking to a woman from the LSU AgCenter, and I mentioned how I had limited gardening abilities since I'm confined to potted plants. She ended up giving me a plant someone had given to her, because she didn't have room for it herself. I walked away with a very cute small potted plant.

The Bayou Vermilion District was one of two groups giving away a rain barrel. I've yet to get a phone call, so I assume I didn't win. 

We stopped by the farmers market area, and while there wasn't much produce left by that time, I managed to get a full paper bag of fresh (and HUGE!) okra for one dollar. (Some of the okra went into a grilled salsa I made for the Saints party the next day, and the rest was grilled and went into my belly. Seriously, grilled okra with olive oil and seasoning is my new favorite.)

I also picked up a gorgeous necklace made by a local artist, so for being there for around an hour, I surely did well. Jewelry, okra, a plant and lots of business cards and flyers for different vendors and organizations.

I managed to squeeze the plant into my bike basket, and off we rode back home. 

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