a new look! and introduction to new features! and me!

Welcome, welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Have some wine and cheese.

  Organic cheese and sustainably produced wine, of course!

As you might notice, the blog's gotten a major update and facelift, thanks to the wonderful Michelle over at Libby and Bee. I love the way everything turned out, and I'm excited to be able to share it with y'all. The previous layout was left over from this blog's previous life a few years ago, and the redesign was part of my plan when bringing the blog back to life.

So now, I've got a redesigned home for this blog, and I'll be introducing some new recurring features to go along with it. Each Wednesday I'll be posting one (or two, if I'm feeling inspired) simple eco tip. The goal is to share a tip that costs you little to nothing, in order to help reinforce the fact that you can go green without damaging your bank account. Each week's post will have a special label, weekly simple eco tip, for easier access to all posts.

Each Friday I'll post a collection of links or news bits found online during the week that highlight great green products or services or what's happening in the world.

On top of those, there will be feature posts at least once a week, covering a multitude of green areas.

Needless to say, I'm excited for all of these things coming up and hope y'all enjoy them! Of course, please feel free to leave some comments – they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

You can subscribe to the blog posts via RSS, email or Google over in the right-hand column. 

In addition to these posts, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter. I love to share interesting Tweets or news articles that I find at random. I'll also nicely remind you of new blog posts, so you'll never miss one!

If you'd like some background on how I came to be so environmentally minded, you can read my first post back to the blog from this past April.

Thanks again for checking me out, and please come again!

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