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This entry to a design competition solves the problem of milk going bad before it's all used. The shrinking jug keeps air out of milk and keeps it fresh for up to a week longer than a regular carton. If these go into production, I'll take one!

This article came out last month, but it's still an interesting dichotomy. The US Department of Energy failed its own energy audit. What does it say that the ones in charge don't follow their own standards?

I watched this piece on American E-waste in China last night on 60 Minutes. It's a very stark look at what happens to our old computer monitors once we seemingly send them off for recycling. They're ending up in China and basically poisoning the residents of Guiyu, even though exporting monitors there is illegal. It raises the question of which electronics recycling companies are actually doing the right thing and which are just passing off our trash to other countries, where they're left to poison drinking water and harm the workers who dismantle the equipment. I would love to do more research on this issue, as I've been taking old electronics to Best Buy for recycling.

Newsweek wonders where the new green jobs are, and what is actually constituted as a "green job". They interview President Obama's green czar, Van Jones, with a skeptical attitude about if we can implement such large-scale change by creating these green jobs.

A teenager in Canada did his science fair project on decomposing a plastic bag in three months, leaving behind simply water and carbon dioxide. I officially feel dumber than a 16-year-old.

Planet Green has a great resource page for all sorts of composting information. I have not begun my own composting system, but this page has given me lots of good information that will help me once I do start.

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