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The Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner, Mike Strain, has issued a challenge to all Louisiana residents: Eat locally for the week. Buy food grown in the state only.

The Independent's blog has a post about this, and they will be updating it with a list of where to find great local products.

“Think of the possibilities: peaches from Ruston, watermelons from Franklinton, blueberries from the Felicianas, crawfish from the Atchafalaya and pork and beef from your local meat markets and rice and gravy. Seasonings would be no problem because Louisiana hot sauces are among the best in the world and the state is a leader in salt production."
Mike Strain

Just this weekend, I hit one of the farmer's markets in town and got some cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini and wheat bread. Since I was looking for some okra, I ended up later at Fresh Pickins, where I went crazy buying different things, including okra. I ended up at the honey shelf, with different kinds made by a lady in Colfax. FYI, the wildflower honey in green tea is excelente. I've had two cups in order to get through the day. Yesterday I made a delicious vegetarian lunch of spaghetti with olive oil and garlic with a side of grilled squash, zucchini and eggplant. I think this is the beginning of becoming a locavore. I enjoyed my time at Fresh Pickins, because I was able to get just enough for what I could eat, instead of having to get a large quantity of something. It was also a lot less expensive than if I'd gone to a grocery store. 

Also on Saturday morning, I went to a friend's garage sale and came away with a few things. So between the garage sale and the farmer's market, I'm pleased with myself. Giving new life to a couple shirts and pairs of earrings, supporting local farmers and eating vegetarian. 

And now the rest of the state has a challenge for the week. Louisiana produces some amazing food - take advantage of it! (When you're not dining at a local restaurant for EatLafayette, of course.)

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