helping the earth and getting drunk while doing it

I was at the grocery store last night getting ingredients for dinner and decided to grab a bottle of Cabernet, since it's been a hell of a week. My system for choosing a good bottle of wine goes something like this: look for anything less than $11, then look for the one with the prettiest label or most ironic name. Yesterday, I couldn't make up my mind, but then came across the Fetzer cabernet, which looked very fancy for its $7.50 pricetag, so in my cart it went.

While I was making dinner, I popped the cork, and that's when I really noticed the label. Fetzer is "The Earth Friendly Wine." Hey HEY hey! Go me for inadvertently picking the green wine. I perused the website and found that not only do they produce organic wines, but their winery is very eco-friendly, with them cutting down on emissions, having solar panels, using recycled bottles and putting biodiesel in their trucks.

It's great that there's an environmentally responsible wine company, and even greater that Wal-Mart carries it, and EVEN greater that it's not astronomically expensive. But the important part – does it taste good?

Hell yeah!

This one's a winner.

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