solar mifflin

At work a few weeks ago, I was given the task of finding solar panel options. Louisiana has some great tax incentives for people who install solar panel systems, so if we end up going the solar route, now is the time.

I have also begun researching alternative lighting options. Since it has been so hot this summer, we have kept the about 10 of the 13 400-watt light bulbs off to keep the heat down, much to the chagrin of my aesthetic-focused boss. I emailed a coworker's architect father about my plans, and he advised that skylights may not be the best option for us since they also let heat in. Solar tubes are used for places that actually have a ceiling - we just have the underside of the roof. Therefore, the best, least-expensive option would be alternative light bulbs.

So today I started the search for CFL or LED 400-watt-equivalent light bulbs. If we had bulbs that didn't give off so much heat or didn't create almost-blinding intense light, I would be less opposed to turning the lights on in the first place. Of course the bulbs will cost more than conventional bulbs, but they will need replacing less often, so they pay for themselves in the end.

I'm still a bit skeptical that my office will be a solar panel leader, but even just researching these options will teach me a lot of valuable information and put me in contact with people who could really help me in the future.

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