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I've been preoccupied lately, but I've been spending a little time to figure out what my next green adventure will be.

I've talked before about my idea to influence restaurants to ditch the styrofoam. Last week I was at a restaurant for lunch and the person I was with needed a to-go box. The waitress brought over a small and large styrofoam box and he took the small one. I didn't see, but I heard that unmistakable sound. The waitress tossed the never-used large styrofoam container. And my coworker asked, "Is that killing you?" "Yes. Yes it is."

And it's just more of a motivator for me to get started on my campaign. I want to begin by getting all kinds of facts and research and essentially writing a paper on why styrofoam is such a bad idea, then getting research on the best, most cost-effective alternatives. Then I'll need to figure out how to distribute it. I think I shall start researching during my lunch hours.

I have also been ruminating on the idea of getting a bicycle. I love the idea of biking to my boyfriend's house, the nearest fast food restaurant and the big box store across the street, along with the produce stand not far away. The reality is that I do not live on a bicycle -friendly street, and I'm kind of terrified of biking in the street. I live too far from work to bike, but I'd love to bring my bike so I could go for rides during lunch hour. I would require a kitschy, hot pink crate on my bicycle, no matter what.


donny* said...

go for the bike. you'll learn how to maneuver those bicycle-unfriendly areas. and its fun. you can be the bicycled anti-styrofoam crusader.

so, what's the alternative for the to-go box?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the push! Ha. I will look around for a good, inexpensive bike.

And I know they make to-go boxes out of biodegradable, recyclable materials, but one option is to bring your own container! I try to remember to do that anytime I eat at a restaurant, I stash a Rubbermaid container in my admittedly large purse.

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